There’s a deadly epidemic reaching teens & young adults in Placer County – it’s called


Fentanyl pills are not laced prescription pills – fentanyl is being pressed into fake pills known as “fentapills” resulting in a higher rate of lethal poisonings amongst one-time users.


When you purchase prescription pills like Xanax, Percocet and Oxycodone from somewhere other than a pharmacy, you have to assume that pill is fake, and very possibly deadly. Why? Because they’re cheap to make. Drug dealers look for easy profits and fentanyl is cheap. As long as there is a demand for opioids and other black-market drugs, including cannabis and vaping products, profits soar by adding highly potent fentanyl. Fentapills cost almost nothing to make, so every dollar the dealers take from you goes right into their pockets. Nearly 100% profit.


Source: Song for Charlie

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This is Zach.


Zach Didier was a 17-year-old student at Whitney High School in Rocklin. Star athlete, exceptional student, friend to everyone, and above all, a loving son. He purchased what he thought was a Percocet from a dealer on Snapchat. Zach Didier died from fentanyl poisoning. The toxicology reports showed that  Zach was the tragic recipient of a fentapill.

Drug dealers contact teens and young adults through social media and money transfer apps.


ALWAYS monitor your child’s social media and online activity.


NEVER give your child or teen access to non-supervised over 18 services such as credit cards, money transfers, online purchasing, package mailing and/or delivery services.


ALWAYS ask for help. If you or your child are experiencing pain, depression, anxiety or any other issue that may require medication, talk to a doctor or call 2-1-1 (text your zip code to 898211).


NEVER trust prescription pills sold online or through apps. If it was not prescribed to you and did not come from a pharmacy, assume it is fake. Just one pill could cost your life.

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Just 2 milligrams of fentanyl

can be a lethal dose.