In 2022, Placer County launched the 1 Pill Can Kill Placer campaign with the hopes of educating our community on the dangers of fentanyl. Due to the reality that kids14-19 were the largest age groups affected by the fentanyl crisis, the campaign joined with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office to add student assemblies to their Speakers Bureau Program.  

To date, this effort has reached 17 high schools and 10 middle schools, has conducted 54 assemblies and reached over 30,000 students throughout the county.  



The student assembly, led by the Placer County District Attorney’s Office, utilizes compassionate storytelling, partnering with local parents who have lost a child to fentanyl. The topics include:  

  • What trends is the District Attorney’s Office is seeing locally and nationwide
  • What is a  fake prescription pill 
  • How fentanyl is made and what it does to your body 
  • How our students are being targeted on social media  
  • Local stories of young lives lost to the fentanyl crisis 
  • The new category of victim 
  • Resources and more


We hope this session opens the lines of communication for students on the fentanyl crisis to continue the conversation with their friends, family, siblings and more. By empowering our students with the facts, we can help them understand the dangers of fentanyl and give them the tools to navigate this new landscape. We all have our part in ending this crisis, together.